Lifetime Oil and Filter Program in Odessa

LIFETIME OIL PROGRAM AT All American Chevrolet of Odessa


One of the more important services to guarantee extended engine life is to change your engine oil and filter routinely. Why change your oil every 3 months or 3,000 miles? After some time the oil inside your car breaks down and turns into a less effective lubricant. A well-lubricated engine performs better and delivers better fuel economy. Plus, older oil can retain debris which could corrode your engine.

All American Chevrolet of Odessa's Lifetime Oil Program takes the hassle out of basic vehicle management. Plus, you can get your car serviced in Odessa, or at any Lithia store in the United States.

Help keep your car running strong with a lifetime of oil and filter changes at All American Chevrolet of Odessa, Odessa, TX.  

Lifetime Oil Change

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Multi Point Oil Change

Lifetime Oil & Filter Services For Purchased Vehicles

One of the more important services you can easily perform to guarantee longer life of your vehicle's engine is to change your engine oil and filter often. A properly maintained vehicle is a lot more reliable, and worth more when the time comes to trade. Simplify your vehicle's basic lubrication and oil filter needs by spreading the charge over the lifetime of your purchase or lease contract.

We do not stop taking care of our customers once they drive off our lot. When you buy a car or truck from All American Chevrolet of Odessa, you have the choice to add our Lifetime Oil Change plan to your vehicle purchase to help you maintain and prolong the life span of your car.

All services are performed by our factory trained and professional technicians. You can even have your car or truck service at any Lithia Service Center in the united states. Look at two plans depending on your driving habits: The Standard Lifetime Oil Change Plan or The Executive Lifetime Oil Change Plan
Oil Change Plans
Want to know more about All American Chevrolet of Odessa's Lifetime Oil Change and Filter plans? Give us a call at (866) 862-5949 or contact us to request more information about service and maintenance plans for your car. 


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